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Lodging an application with the European Court of Human Rights

The Procedure under the European Convention on Human Rights:

A Practitioner’s Guide

Linos-Alexander Sicilianos,

President of Section ECtHR, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Athens

Maria-Andriani Kostopoulou,

Attorney at Law before the Supreme Court, Master (mult.) University of Athens,

M2 University of Strasbourg


This contribution fills a gap in Greek scholarship offering the practitioner

a useful and comprehensive guide to the procedure of lodging an individual

application in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights. The

book offers a survey of each stage in the procedure, from the preparation and

lodging of the application with the Court to the full execution of the Court’s

judgments under the supervision of the Committee of Ministers. The book pays

special attention to the Court’s case-law in relation to Greece. The book contains

a copy of the application form, the authority form in Greek, as well as the official

text of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Protocols thereto.

ISBN 978-960-562-683-9


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