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The New Code of Lawyers - 3rd edition

Charalampos Chryssanthakis (ed.)

Abstract: The present third edition of the book “The new Code of Lawyers” is

updated to include the amendments introduced by the recently enacted Law

4411/2016 (Government Official Gazette no. ¥š 142/3.8.2016), which brings

about the necessary corrections to evident oversights of previous amendments to

the Code of Lawyers, and resolves issues which had arisen from the implementa-

tion of specific provisions thereof; it also includes all amendments introduced af-

ter Law4285/2014. The goal of periodic revisions and new editions of this work

is to contribute to promptly informing practicing lawyers with regard to changes

introduced in the law governing their profession, the foundation of their profes-

sional activity. Additionally to the Code of Lawyers, this book includes the Code

of Conduct for Legal Practitioners and the Regulation of Primary Disciplinary

Boards of Bar Associations. Furthermore, the explanatory memorandum and the

Report of the Scientific Service of the Greek Parliament are both included in this

edition, in order to help readers understand the legislative policy.

ISBN 978-960-562-638-9


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